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Finding the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization becomes a tough job for some peoples, so for that we will provide some technical methods which will help you to find VFW near me organization and VFW post near me.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), officially the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, is an organization for US combat veterans who served in military operations on foreign territory, including wars, campaigns, and expeditions.

James C. Putnam founded the organization twice independently, the first time on September 29, 1899, in Columbus, Ohio.

In Kansas City, Missouri, the VFW has its main office. Franklin D.

Roosevelt’s administration in 1936 saw the legislative chartering of the organization.

The VFW’s goals are to help the nation’s needy and disabled veterans get back on their feet as quickly as possible, to support widows, orphans, and dependents of needy or disabled veterans, and to promote Americanism by instilling a sense of patriotism in young veterans and by providing helpful services to communities.

In Washington, D.C., the organization has both the primary office of its national rehabilitation programme and its legislative service.

In terms of hospitalisation, priority for employment in the civil service, and other issues, the latter national programme assists handicapped veterans of all conflicts, both members and nonmembers.

How to Find VFW Near Me Posts?

Using Locator to Find VFW Post Near Me

In our view, the most up-to-date source for searching and discovering “VFW near me Posts” is the official VFW Post locator.

Simply click or tap the “VFW Post Locator” button to get to the official Veterans of Foreign Wars locators website.

In order to discover VFW near me, you must first enter your city’s zip code in the search field and then set the distance from your location to 10 miles.

If this doesn’t work, you may alternatively enter your state and the name of the city.

Finally, click the “Show Only Posts With” option, choose a category, and the page will then look as seen in the preceding image.

VFW Post Near Me Using Locator

You will then be sent to a website that has a list of all the VFW Near Me posts.

This approach not only reveals the VFW’s location, but also other crucial details like the Post’s precise address, Quartermaster director, Commander name, Dues amount, hours, and you can even select the Direction option to be directed to Google Maps with its quickest path.

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Using Google Maps To Find VFW Post Near Me

Google Maps is the second-best and most convenient way to discover VFW near me posts.

By opening “Google Maps” and entering “VFW post near me” into the search bar, you may access the VFW near me page on Google Maps.

Alternatively, you can click on the supplied link to go straight to Google Maps.

Make sure your GPS is turned on so that Google can accurately pinpoint your position and offer accurate information.

Simply choose the VFW posts from the list on the left side of the website, and you’ll find all the information you need there, including directions, the VFW hours, the precise address, any uploaded images, the contact information, and customer reviews of the posts, among other things.

Now if you are wondering to visit VFW Post near me right now, just tap on the Direction option.

Simply bookmark the locations on Google Maps if you want to visit the VFW posts tomorrow.

You may quickly get directions to all the nearby VFW Posts by just scrolling the map provided below.

Using Veterans of Foreign Wars App to Find VFW Near Me

The official VFW app is the third-best resource for finding VFW Near Me posts.

The app must be downloaded in order to access all the information, news, and locations.

If you use a “Android” smartphone, click here to download; if you use a “iPhone,” click here to download.

The ability to quickly find VFW near me posts close to you with the built-in VFW post locator on the VFW App is tremendously beneficial.

You may manage the nation’s largest group of war veterans with the help of the official Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) app.

With the help of our streamlined app, you can find nearby VFW Military Officers and Posts, rapidly access information about our assistance programmes and services, keep current on news affecting veterans, active duty service members, and their families, and much more.

VFW members may easily access member-only content, locate new members, and keep their memberships active with the use of the app.

Download the app as soon as possible to get access to all the resources the VFW provides.

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How to Find VFW Rental Halls Near Me?

You can easily locate and find VFW Rental Halls Near Me using Google Maps, as it provides all the nearby VFW rental hall.

Just you have to type ”VFW rental halls near me” by opening google maps. you can also visit to the ”Google Maps” directly by clicking on the given link.

For finding VFW rental halls quickly, right now see the given map given below.

VWF Benefits (Members Benefits)

The VFW and all national patriotic businesses are grateful for your service.

Due to this, we have partnered to provide you and your family with special prices on high-quality goods and services as a VFW member.

It’s simply one more way we can express our gratitude for everything you’ve done to safeguard our freedom.

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Insurance Programs

VFW members have access to specialised life planning and insurance solutions.

Financial Services

Ensure that you are getting the most value for your money from these services.

Publication Subscriptions

Stay track on the crucial problems affecting today’s service members and veterans while having quick access to our country’s military history.

Electronics And Technology

Utilize these fantastic savings to stay up to speed with the newest technologies.

Travel Assistance

With discounts on your trip package, hotel, and rental vehicle, we make travelling more practical.

VFW PerkSpot Discount Program

Being a member of the VFW allows you to save time AND money by giving you access to exclusive discounts on anything from home products and the newest technology to entertainment, travel, and big-ticket purchases.

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Motorcycle Riders

Many servicemen and women and veterans live to ride, with the wind in their hair and the open road.

Additionally, you may save more as a VFW member on anything associated with your passions.

Retail Savings

Membership enables you to discounts at retail stores as well as other special deals and specials only available to VFW members.

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Sport Clips takes great pride in serving as the VFW’s official hairstylist.

Health Services

Members of the VFW receive discounts on things like prescription drugs, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and other medical supplies.

Making the Transition to Civil Life

Let us assist you as you travel toward a new future.

Life-Stage Services

You may offer your family peace of mind by using our end-of-life services.

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Post Resources

The VFW works to give Posts the resources they require to succeed in their role as pillars of the community.

VFW Eligibility

  • Honorable Service: Must have been in the US military and either have obtained an honourable or general (under honourable conditions) discharge, or must still be in the service.

  • Participation in a battle, campaign, or expedition on enemy territory or in foreign waterways. These examples will demonstrate this:

  • A campaign medal that was approved (see a full list of qualifying medals and badges)

  • Payment for hostile fire or impending danger (verified by a military pay statement)

  • 30 or 60 non-consecutive days of service in Korea.

You may apply for membership in the VFW Auxiliary if you are not qualified to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars but have a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling, or spouse who is. Visit vfwauxiliary.org to learn more.

VFW Phone Number

  • VFW National Headquarters:- 816.756.3390

  • VFW Washington Office:- 202.543.2239

  • VFW Member Service Center:- 1.833.839.8387

Note that VFW customer desk is open for limited time and opens at 8:15 AM and closes at 4:30 PM. You can also contact from this email-MSC@vfw.org.

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