• Discover best Japanese food near you - from sushi to ramen and more. Enjoy the rich flavors and health benefits of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Best Japanese Food Near Me – 7 Best Japanese Food Locations

[ Japanese Food Near Me Guide ] Are you searching for best Japanese Food Near you. The Traditional Japanese food is full of wonderful things to eat, from spicy treats to sweet treats that will make your mouth water.

We have what you need, whether you want the always-popular sushi and ramen or the soothing tastes of real food.In this blog, we’ll talk about the best places to get a real taste of Japan, as well as where to find healthy and vegan Japanese food.

Not able to go out to eat? Don’t worry! Find out how easy it is to get Japanese food delivered right to your door. We’ll also show you where the closest Japanese food stores and markets are so you can satisfy your hunger.

Let’s go on this culinary journey together.

Why Japanese Cuisine Is So Good?

There are several reasons why Japanese foods is so delicious:

  • The use of fresh, seasonal ingredients: Japanese food is famous for its emphasis on locally source, in-season fare. This is because Japan has a long coastline and a mild climate, both of which make it ideal for the year-round cultivation and harvest of a diverse array of fruits, vegetables, and seafood.
  • The emphasis on umami: After sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, umami is the fifth and last taste. As far as taste goes, think of a delicious brothiness that people often describe as “meaty” or “brothy.” In order to get that delicious umami flavor, Japanese cuisine typically employs soy sauce, miso, and dashi.
  • The focus on simplicity and balance: Authentic Japanese food is famous for its subtlety and harmony. That’s why you’ll notice that most recipes are cook with just a handful of components, and how the flavors are perfectly set to work together.
  • The emphasis on presentation: Beautiful plating is another hallmark of Japanese cooking. Flowers or other ornaments are commonly use to complement the artistic presentation of dishes.
  • The health benefits of Japanese cuisine: Healthy options abound in Japanese foods. In addition to being low in fat and calories, many Japanese cuisine also tend to be high in fiber and other healthy components. This makes Japanese foods a great option for anyone trying to eat more healthfully.

How To Find Japanese Food Near Me?

Find Japanese Food Near Me Using Yelp

Here’s how to use Yelp to track down some authentic Japanese cuisine in your area:

  • Open Yelp in your browser right now.
  • Log in with your existing Yelp account, or sign up for a new one.
  • Give Yelp permission to use your location to tailor search results to your precise location.
  • Simply enter “Japanese food” or “Japanese restaurants” into the search bar to find relevant results.
  • Yelp can help you find local Japanese dining options. List view and map view are both available for perusing the outcomes.
  • Use the filters to zero in on exactly what you’re looking for. When you click the “Filter” button, you’ll be able to narrow your search results by a number of factors, including price, proximity, rating, and presence of convenient extras like online ordering, table bookings, and takeout.
  • To get a feel for a certain Japanese eatery, pick one and then peruse its ratings, customer comments, business hours, and images.
  • If you find a Japanese restaurant on Yelp that you’d like to try, you may use the site’s navigation tools to find its location and, if necessary, book a reservation.

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Find Japanese Food Near Me Using Google Maps

The second best way to find Japanese restaurants in your area is by you using Google Maps. Here is how to start your searches:

  • Now is the time to activate your device’s GPS and open up Google Maps.
  • Type “Japanese Food Near Me” into the search bar at the top of the page, and hit the “Enter” key.
  • If you use Google Maps, you can see all of the Japanese eateries in your area on one map.
  • You can see more dining alternatives by exploring the menus provided in the sidebar or on the map.
  • Select a dining establishment and peruse its information, including its address, phone number, website (if any), operating hours, reviews, and ratings.
  • To have Google Maps show you the quickest and most efficient path to a chosen eatery, just hit the “Directions” button.
  • To see the nearest japanese food locations right now, simply use this map.

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Popular Japanese Food Restaurants Near Me

Uchi in Austin, TX

The sushi and other Japanese cuisine at this restaurant are famous for originality and quality. A Michelin star attests to this restaurant’s status as one of the best Japanese dining options in the United States.

Shuko in New York, NY

The omakase here is legendary; it’s a multi-course feast cook by the chef using the freshest ingredients of the day. One of the best places to have Japanese food in New York City is at Shuko.

Junnoon in San Francisco, CA

The ambiance is chill, and the Japanese home foods is top-notch. The menu features a variety of traditional Japanese dishes, including ramen, udon, and donburi.

Izakaya Seki in Los Angeles, CA

You can get some excellent Japanese tapas and beverages at this restaurant. You can order gyoza, karaage, or sashimi as a small platter.

Miyabi in Chicago, IL

If you’re looking for a place to consume genuine Japanese foods, look no further than this establishment. From sushi and sashimi to tempura and teriyaki, the menu has something for everyone.

Kenzo in Las Vegas, NV

If you’re looking for a fancy place to dine on Japanese foods, go no further than this restaurant. Sushi, sashimi, and tempura are just a few of the many options on the extensive menu.

Mizuraya in Seattle, WA

If genuine Japanese ramen is what you’re after, look no farther than this establishment. The restaurant features a wide selection of ramen and other Japanese cuisine.

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Best Japanese Food Store Near Me

Mitsuwa Marketplace

There are locations of this group of Japanese supermarkets in California, Illinois, Texas, Hawaii, and New Jersey. They have a wide range of Japanese foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meats, snacks, and ready-made meals.


This is a group of Japanese grocery stores in Washington. There are stores in Seattle, Bellevue, and Renton. They have a wide range of Japanese foods items and a food court with several Japanese restaurants.

Nijiya Market

This is a group of Japanese grocery stores with stores in Hawaii, California, and Nevada. They sell a lot of different kinds of Japanese foods and have a food court with several Japanese restaurants.

Tokyo Central

There are sites of this Japanese grocery store chain in California and Hawaii. There is a food court with various Japanese restaurants, and they sell a broad selection of Japanese culinary goods.


There are sites of this Japanese grocery store chain in California and Hawaii. They sell a lot of different kinds of Japanese food and have a food court with several Japanese restaurants.

Healthy Japanese Food Near Me

  • Cha-Ya in San Francisco, CA:  This restaurant has a menu full of healthy and tasty Japanese meals that are all vegan or vegetarian. The Buddha Bowl, the Tofu Curry, and the Rainbow Roll are some of their most famous items.
  • Sushi Tomi in New York, NY: The sushi rolls at this eatery are known for being healthy and unique. They also have a wide range of other Japanese foods, like udon, soba, and tempura.
  • Kajitsu in Los Angeles, CA: This restaurant is a vegan Japanese restaurant that serves a range of healthy and tasty dishes. Agedashi Tofu, Mushroom Ramen, and Miso Soup are some of their most famous dishes.
  • Miso Hungry in Portland, OR: This diner serves healthy Japanese food like miso soup, edamame, and salads. They also have a lot of Japanese sweets, like mochi and matcha ice cream.
  • Koya in Chicago, IL: The Japanese bowls at this eatery are known for being healthy and cheap. They have different bowls, like the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl, the Salmon Bowl, and the Veggie Bowl.

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List Of Japanese Food Truck Near Me

  • Benihana Food Truck in Oakland, CA: This food truck serves standard Benihana dishes like chicken teriyaki, steak, and shrimp tempura.
  • Muiishi Makirritos in Houston, TX: This food truck makes sushi sandwiches and bowls in unique ways.
  • Hibachi Truck in Daly City, CA: This food truck offers food like chicken, steak, and vegetables that are cooked on a hibachi.
  • Tokyo on Wheels in New York, NY: This food truck offers different kinds of Japanese food, like ramen, sushi, and tempura.
  • Sushi Sam’s in Seattle, WA: Sushi Sam’s is a food truck in Seattle, Washington, that serves fresh sushi rolls and other Japanese dishes.
  • Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, CA: Kogi BBQ is a food truck in Los Angeles that serves short ribs, chicken, and tofu, among other things.

Best Authentic Japanese Food Options Near Me

Sushi is a must-try for anyone who likes Japanese food. It’s made with vinegared rice, seafood, and veggies, and it can be served in a number of ways. Some common kinds of sushi are nigiri (raw fish slices on rice), sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish), and rolls (sushi wrapped in seaweed).

Discover best Japanese food near you - from sushi to ramen and more. Enjoy the rich flavors and health benefits of authentic Japanese cuisine.

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Ramen is a type of Japanese noodle soup that are top with pork, chicken, or veggies, among other things. Most of the time, pork or chicken bones are use to make the soup, and soy sauce, miso, or sesame oil are often use to flavor it.

Tempura is a Japanese dish made of battered seafood or veggies that are deep-fried. Soy sauce, mirin, and sake are often used to make a dipping sauce to go with it.

Discover best Japanese food near you - from sushi to ramen and more. Enjoy the rich flavors and health benefits of authentic Japanese cuisine.

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Yakisoba is a Japanese dish cook with wheat noodles, cabbage, carrots, and other veggies that are stir-fried. It is often serve with a sauce that is both sweet and salty.

Discover best Japanese food near you - from sushi to ramen and more. Enjoy the rich flavors and health benefits of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Soba is a food from Japan that is prepare with buckwheat noodles. Soba noodles are usually serve cold with a sauce to dip them in, but they can also be cook up in a soup.

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Japanese udon is a dish of wheat noodles. Udon noodles can be eaten either hot in a soup or cool with a dipping sauce.

Discover best Japanese food near you - from sushi to ramen and more. Enjoy the rich flavors and health benefits of authentic Japanese cuisine.

List Of Japanese Food Delivery Near Me

Here are some common ways to get Japanese food delivered close to the United States:

  • Uber Eats is a popular service that works with restaurants all over the world to bring food. Uber Eats has a lot of different kinds of Japanese restaurants, such as sushi places, ramen shops, and tempura places.
  • DoorDash is another well-known service that will bring you Japanese food. DoorDash works with many different places, so you’re sure to find something you like.
  • Grubhub is a service that brings food to your door in many of the largest towns in the United States. Grubhub works with many different kinds of places, including Japanese ones.
  • Postmates is a service that brings food from nearby restaurants to your door. Postmates is a good choice if you want a more unique way to eat Japanese food.
  • Seamless is a food delivery service that is owned by Grubhub. There are a lot of Japanese food options on Seamless, such as sushi, ramen, and tempura.

Benefits Of Japanese Food Near Me

Japanese cuisine has a reputation for being both tasty and nutritious. Some advantages of consuming Japanese cuisine include the following:

  • Low in calories and fat: Those watching their calorie and fat intake will find that Japanese cuisine is a tasty and nutritious option.
  • High in fiber: High fiber content is a common characteristic of Japanese cuisine, which can aid with satiety. The digestive tract also benefits from fiber.
  • Rich in nutrients: Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants abound in Japanese cuisine. Your immune system, your cells, and your health as a whole can all benefit from these nutrients.
  • Low in sodium: Those attempting to control their blood pressure may benefit from eating more Japanese food because it is often lower in sodium.
  • High in omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids, which are included in many Japanese meals, are good for your heart.
  • Plant-based: Many traditional Japanese recipes are vegetarian or vegan, making them an excellent way to increase your intake of healthy plant foods.

Japanese cuisine is an excellent choice for those who want to eat healthily without sacrificing flavor. You can find something delicious among the wide variety of Japanese cuisine options.

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In conclusion, Japanese food is delicious because it focuses on fresh, seasonal products, flavors that are rich in umami, simplicity, and an attractive presentation.

Japanese food is a good choice for people who are concerned about their health because it is low in calories and fat, high in fiber, and full of important nutrients and antioxidants.

Platforms like Yelp and Google Maps make it easy to find real Japanese restaurants, food stores, and even food trucks close to you.

Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, ramen, tempura, or healthy plant-based options, Japanese food has something for every taste.

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